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  • Posted in on April 18, 2016 by Kyle Chin.

    Loaded Challenge Series 2016

    Loaded Challenge Series 2016 – Loaded Boards

    Welcome to the Loaded Challenge Series 2016: a fun way for you to learn new tricks and save some serious dough on Loaded and Orangatang gear! It’s been way too long since we last shared a challenge series with you all, and we’re stupendously excited to bring it on back.



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  • Posted in on July 21, 2015 by Kyle Chin.

    Loaded Window Contest

    First off - A HUGE thanks to all the shops who took the time to do this! We are more than stoked to see the support and love from our shops. Picking the winners was nowhere as easy as we thought it would be... So thank you!

    Without further adieu, the winners are:

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  • Posted in on June 9, 2015 by Sowi Rodriguez.

    Otoño Longboard Jam

    Versión en español más abajo ↓

    After a while without any local events down here in our small country, the Otoño Longboard Jam was the result of hard work in order to grow our community.

    Fabio Martínez (2nd Open Freestyle)

    Once again, an event organized by riders, for riders. And of course, supported by Longboard House, Loaded and Orangatang. Together with my teammate and friend Axel Montgomery and Andres 'El Jefe' Guidali, we started carefully planning the event. We wanted to make it special and different, an in-law event to keep spreading the stoke. Our brothers at boardshop Skateland lent us two ramps and a rail (HUGE thanks, guys!).

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  • Posted in on September 11, 2014 by Mike Girard.

    Central Mass 5 Longboard / Skateboard Festival: Organizer's Recap

    August 15-17th, 2014 marked the 5th annual Central Mass Longboard Festival and my most ambitious undertaking yet. To call it a "Longboard festival" is a bit misleading; these three days saw 397 registered skateboarders of all shapes, sizes, disciplines and creeds take to the races, ramps, slides and rails in three different venues across Harvard. A rowdy after-party in Ayer, MA topped off the action. One of the major goals with Central Mass is to break down the unnecessary and counterproductive walls between skate disciplines - most prominently between "short boarding" and "longboarding". Instead, the event strives to push riders to comingle and progress in all disciplines with no extraneous lines drawn in the sand. To pull off something of that scope as an independent organizer takes approximately 2 metric tons of elbow grease, 3,000 gallons of diplomacy, enough budget to buy an entry-level BMW and a time investment sufficient to make an hourly employee rich, so I got started early. (For more insight into the nitty-gritty preparatory steps, check out last year’s Organizer’s Recap.)

    Official flyer

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  • Posted in on April 17, 2014 by Kyle Chin.

    Skate Planet Earth

  • Posted in on January 7, 2014 by Laurent Perigault.

    Tang Tang 2013 - PARIS

    Tang tang 2013

    Cette 3eme édition du tang tang a du être réorganisée dans un spot couvert pas très loin de la BNF. Ce week end n'a pas été au top au niveau météo, beaucoup de pluie, de vent... Enfin bref, ce qui compte c'était la motivation de pas mal d'entre nous!!!!

    We had to organize this third Tang tang's contest edition in a covered place not far away from the French National Library. This weekend wasn't at top level as regards the weather: lots of rain and wind... But what mattered the most was the motivation of many among us!!!


    En effet, cette année c'était une édition spéciale avec l'équipe de ressource distribution.

    This year's special edition guest was Resource Distribution Team.



     Pour ce contest de freestyle dancing plusieurs rideurs se sont réunis: 4 coins de la France, des Belges et des Allemands...

    For this freestyle dancing contest, many riders have gathered: they came from the whole France, some Belgians, some Germans...


    Cet évent c'est organisé en plusieurs catégories:

    -Dancing freestyle homme (4VS4) /femme (5VS5)

    This event was organized in many categories:

    -Dancing freestyle men (4VS4) / women (5VS5)


    mélanie ticks

    -Et pour ceux qui aiment sauter - hippy jump mixte

    c'est organisé en JAM session: chacun avait 3 essais pour réussir. Le record de cette année était 1,40 m!!!

    - And for those who love jumping - hippy jump mix - everyone had 3 attempts to succeed, and this year's best score was 1,40 m!!!


    hipie jump final





    1 Sven Willy

    2 Arian Chamasmany

    3 Jannis Schlake


    1 Melanie Golz

    2 Catherine Coco

    3 Alexandra Ola Kubiak Ho-Chi

    Steffen Kstr

    Jannis Schlake


    La remise des lots c'est effectuée au Tiny Cafe où tout le monde a passé une très bonne soirée.

    The delivery of prizes took place ​​at Tiny Cafe where everybody spent a very good evening.




    1239985_193657170813225_1004320878_n 1450191_218710601641215_1072465215_n

    Sans oublier un remerciement spécial à Omar (Wattfutchureez Deejays) pour l'ambiance, aux sponsors, Sandy Pike pour les photos, Marvin Thine (Udmag) et à Mike Girard (G-form) pour leur aide précieuse ;)

     Special thanks to Omar (Wattfutchureez Deejays) for the vibe, our sponsors, Sandy Pike for the photos, Marvin Thine (UdMag) and Mike Girard (G-Form) for their valuable assistance ;)

    dj NB

    RDV l'année prochaine pour la 4eme édition:

    Next meeting - next year - fourth edition:




  • Posted in on November 5, 2013 by Gerardo Moreno.

    El Tigre Freeride 2013 (The Journey)

    (Dear passenger in order to get the real feel of this adventure this most be read with Morgan Freeman's voice. As we couldn't afford hire him for this, you will have to use your imagination. That being said, enjoy your stay)

    In the old world during the past centuries, Tigers has been known for being lethal and silent predators. but never for being speedy creatures, this characteristic has been more commonly attached to leopards, till we found in the warm Mexican Lands in October 18 of 2013 "EL Tigre"!

    Ladies and Gents please have a seat, put tons of sun screen, relax and enjoy the ride. We are about to take you to explore the natural habitat of "EL Tigre".
    El Tigre Freeride final

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  • Posted in on July 18, 2013 by Kyle Chin.

    Idyllic Raw Run Competition

    Facebook - Idyllic Raw Run Competition


  • Posted in on March 18, 2013 by Laurent Perigault.

    The royal pair of parking 2013 (Paris, FRANCE)

    The royal pair of parking in 2013
    For several years, the longboard season in Paris have been starting with great energy.
    So it was this time. The last weekend of February was rich with excitement and new
    One weekend, two events! One better than the other!
    L.V.P 2013 and K.O.P 2013


    Longskate video party 2013:


    Bad weather and the last frosty winter made all the riders hungry for any event. So everyone
    was strongly motivated and ready to fight for prizes.
    The 8th edition of the LVP Contest was organized by Alice "Manouk" and Loic "Kilo" and it
    took place in Paris, in the famous bar "Cantada".
    Photos: Lo-Ad – http://load-leblay.tumblr.com/ – tous droits réservés.
    Share FB:
    The event was supposed to select the winner – author of the best video of the year 2012.
    The decisive criterion was the number of “Likes” on Facebook.
    Videos with the greatest number of votes were awarded with lots of prizes coming from
    many sponsors participating in the event.
    BHM video:






    King of Parking 2013:
    Finally, the day of Sunday 24 February was reserved for the PCD 2013 event organized by
    Antoine Capus "Babar" at la Defense.
    The event consisted in a spiral race on a five-level car park. Due to the fact that the whole
    incident was NOT agreed with the authorities, it lasted less than 3 min.
    The rule was simple: the winner takes it all! Except that this time there were more prizes,
    because among the whole crowd of wild guys in the race, there was also room for girls who
    fought for the title of “Queen of the Parking”.
    K.O.P 2013:
    video by: Taulelle Mathieu



    " target="_blank">



    KOP laurent alex 2013 udmag
    2 Clément Gayraud
    Best slam:
    Alice "ManouK"
    A big thank you to all the organizers of these events


    French translate:
    Depuis quelques années la saison commence fort à Paris,
    en effet le week-end dernier a été chargé skate, émotion et retrouvail…
    1 week end : 2 events, quoi de mieux!!!!
    la LVP 2013 et la KOP 2013
    Malgré ce mauvais temps et le froid hivernal beaucoup de monde ontcrié “presents!” et se sont motivés à venir et à participer pour remporter ces épreuves et les lots qui vont avec!
    La 8ème édition de la LVP organisée par Alice "Manouk" et Loic "Kilo"  s'est déroulée à Paris dans le fameux bar "la cantada"
    Cet événement a pour but de montrer/regrouper ces meilleurs montages video 2012 (année précédante)
    avec un vote du public sur Internet (FB).
    Les meilleurs ont été récompensés pas de nombreux lots des différents sponsors participant….
    Citer les sponsors....video BHMEt pour finir, le dimanche 24 février s'est déroulé le KOP 2013 organisé par Antoine Capus "Babar".

    Cet événement avait pour but de faire une course dans la spiral du parking de La Défence, en outlaw bien sûr!!!
    Comme la règle est définie : le premier remporte tout, sauf que cette édition a permi au filles de s'exprimer (sauvagement avec les mecs) dans toutes sauvagerie entre les mecs!!!
    2 Clément Gayraud
    Best slam:
    Alice "ManouK"

     Un grand merci pour tous les organisateurs de ces événements

    Poland translate:
    Od kilku lat sezon longboardowy w Paryżu rozpoczyna się z mocnym impetem.
    Tak też bylo i tym razem. Ostatni weekend lutego obfitował w wielkie emocje i nowe
    Jeden weekend: dwa wydarzenia!!! Jedno lepsze od drugiego!
    LVP 2013 i KOP 2013
    Brzydka pogoda i mroźna zima wygłodziły wszystkich riderów, którzy od dłuższego
    czasu wypatrywali jakiejś imprezy. Także każdy był zmotywowany i gotowy do walki o
    8. edycja konkursu LVP została zorganizowana przez Alice "Manouk" i Loic "Kilo", a
    miała ona miejsce w Paryżu, w słynnym barze "Cantada".
    Udostępnij na Facebooku:




    Wydarzenie miało na celu wyłonienie zwycięzcy – autora najlepszego filmiku wideo na w
    2012. Decydowała liczba oddanych lajków na Facebooku.
    Filmiki z największą ilością głosów zostały nagrodzone licznymi nagrodami od wielu
    sponsorów uczestniczących w wydarzeniu.
    Wymienić sponsorów:
    BHM wideo
    Wreszcie niedziela, dzień 24 lutego podporządkowany był imprezie KOP 2013
    zorganizowanej przez Antoine Capus "Babar" na la Défence.
    Wydarzenie polegało na wyścigu w spirali na terenie parkingu pięciopoziomowego. Z
    tego powodu, że cale zajście NIE było uzgodnione z władzami, trwało ono niecałe 3 min.
    Reguła była prosta: pierwszy zgarnia wszystko!  Z tym, że tym razem nagród było
    więcej, gdyż w całym dzikim tłumie facetów w wyścigu znalazło się również miejsce dla
    dziewczyn, które walczyły o tytuł Królowej Parkingu.
    Na samym końcu odbyło sie rozrzucanie drobnych nagród, takich jak: kolka, t-shirty, itp.
    Obu wydarzeniom towarzyszyło dużo zabawy i radości.
    2 Clément Gayraud
    Best slam:
    Alice "ManouK"
    Wielkie podziękowania dla wszystkich organizatorów tych imprez



    Laurent Perigault and Alexandra Kubiak Ho-Chi 

  • Posted in on December 11, 2012 by loadedboards.

    Orangatang Weekly Photo Contest

    Orangatang Weekly Photo Contest

    The lowdown:

    Gaze upon the world through artistic eyes and share your vision with your fellow skaters. Each week we will announce a theme for you to use in a photo submission for a chance to win some succulent Orangatang goodies.

    This week's theme is the color orange.

    The nitty gritty:

    First, be sure to follow @OrangatangWheels on Instagram. You may take a photo of anything skate-related that incorporates a healthy dose of the weekly theme. Upload your photo to your Instagram account and mention #orangatangwheels in the caption.

    We'll announce a winner each Tuesday as the next round is posted. Judging will be handled by a specially trained panel of colorblind monkeys.


    Wheels, bushings, T-shirts, hats, vinyl decals, stickers and more.


    Every Tuesday beginning December 11. The deadline to enter this week's contest is 11:59pm PST on Sunday, December 16th.

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