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  • Posted in on May 9, 2018 by Jammy Saxon.



    Pick Your Flavor

    Pick Your Flavor

    We originally launched the Tesseract in July of 2013 and followed up soon after with the Cantellated and Truncated Tesseracts. The original Tesseract was heavily inspired by the contours and versatility of the Chubby Unicorn but with a smaller wheelbase and a more subtle concave design.

    Ride Lava

    Ride Lava

    Over the past few years (partially due to the impact of the Overland), many of our ambassadors have requested a softer and lighter Tesseract to expand the freestyle capabilities of the board.

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  • Posted in on February 14, 2018 by Admin.

    PLVNK - Perfect One (Live at Loaded)

    On November 29th, our good friends at PLVNK (pronounced "Plank") played a super fun, intimate show for close friends and family in the Loaded warehouse.

    Johnboy, Nachum, and Mal took the stage with Brendan and Janae and rocked out with a super eclectic set pulling from their diverse influences. They played a full set including one of my personal favorites, Where Did We Go Wrong, and a bunch of new music.

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  • Posted in on February 9, 2018 by Ethan Cochard.

    Ambassador Highlight | Yassine Boundouq, Moultawa in Philadelphia

    The Loaded Ambassadors are an international team of like-minded people who, with the help of Loaded Boards, cultivate love and togetherness through the sport of longboarding. The Loaded Ambassadors are made up of individuals of different cultures, ethnicities, and walks of life who all follow the same goal of growing the community that longboarding is made of, and fostering new, long lasting relationships with those around them and abroad.

    This is the story of Loaded Ambassador Yassine Boundouq, a 23-year-old longboarder from Safi, Morocco.

    Up Close with Yassine

    Yassine Boundouq reading the reader

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  • Posted in on October 3, 2017 by Camilo Cespedes.

    DockSession Update

    DockSession keeps the fun going on Sundays for Los Angeles locals and visitors. This past few sessions have been incredibly fun. We've been hanging out at a short bike path with very low traffic right next to the beach: a perfect space to learn and practice some dance moves.

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  • Posted in on September 8, 2017 by Ethan Cochard.

    The Blood Slayer Lives!

    The rebirth of the Chubby Unicorn into the Blood Slayer sparked the flames of creativity in the Loaded crew like never before. Rather than going with a traditional skate video, we took this release as an opportunity to delve into a new realm of media; heavy metal music videos.

    The Loaded Crew warms up for band practice

    The Loaded Crew warms up for band practice

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  • Posted in on August 29, 2017 by Gerardo Moreno.

    Kozakov Challenge DH Skateboarding Dream Event

    Kozakov Challenge 2017 Race Recap

    Of all the DH events in the world Kozakov is definitely worth making the trip to beautiful Czech Republic.

    Since I started skating hills about 7 years ago, I had always dreamed of making this trip and I must say it was an even better experience than I had expected.

    For those of you who have never been to the event, Kozakov is a 2.5-km premium race track, in the middle of the woods, close to the beautiful and classy Czech city of Turnov. It has the best pavement you have been dreaming of since you started skating, all different styles of corners, very technical and with +90 km/h straight sections.

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  • Posted in on August 28, 2017 by Camilo Cespedes.

    DockSessionLA August

    We found a new spot! Thanks to our good friend and Malibu OG Steve Wu's suggestions we moved our session to a flat and easy going bike path in Santa Monica. It's a great spot to be near the beach, skate and hang out with the DockSession family.

    Here's a short fun video of out last session. We're gonna keep jamming there till further notice; follow us on our Facebook page to be up to date on our events.

  • Posted in on July 27, 2017 by Camilo Cespedes.

    DockSession LA July

    The month of July has been a busy one for us here at DockSession LA. We had our beloved Mexican Loaded ambassador Marco Sandoval in town, so we were mostly stacking clips for his upcoming video in Los Angeles. Sadly we don't have an event video for this blog post since all the footage will be saved for the video. Keep your eyes peeled on the Loaded YouTube and Facebook pages!

    In addition to filming with Marco, Alberto has been skating more and more while recovering his knee. He came back with a different mindset and he's been getting new tricks that even surprise him.

    We've had a couple of new members added to the weekly slashing, we're always happy to see new faces. Next week's session is going to be in Santa Monica, pushing by the beach. Join us! Bring your friends and some sunblock!

    - Camilo

  • Posted in on July 21, 2017 by Arian Chamasmany.

    The Gel Lab Shred Sessions / Shark’s Log – 170721

    I had been working in a small mom & pop sporting good store that bought and sold used sporting equipment. I had gotten the job as a way to earn some meager cash over the summer while school had been on recess. The owner was, often times, in a drunken stupor in his little upstairs office, while my co-worker and I ran the store.

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  • Posted in on July 11, 2017 by Camilo Cespedes.

    DockSession June/July

    It's been such a fun month for DockSession! Franklin Sundays are growing strong and more people are starting to come. We had an awesome little session in Vancouver before the Giant's Head Freeride weekend. Hosted by Flatspot Longboard Shop, the crew skated through Vancouver and stopped at several spots to hang out and share with the locals.

    Here's a little recap of some fun clips we've filmed at Franklin.

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