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  • Posted in on February 14, 2018 by Admin.

    PLVNK - Perfect One (Live at Loaded)

    On November 29th, our good friends at PLVNK (pronounced "Plank") played a super fun, intimate show for close friends and family in the Loaded warehouse.

    Johnboy, Nachum, and Mal took the stage with Brendan and Janae and rocked out with a super eclectic set pulling from their diverse influences. They played a full set including one of my personal favorites, Where Did We Go Wrong, and a bunch of new music.

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  • Posted in on September 8, 2017 by Ethan Cochard.

    The Blood Slayer Lives!

    The rebirth of the Chubby Unicorn into the Blood Slayer sparked the flames of creativity in the Loaded crew like never before. Rather than going with a traditional skate video, we took this release as an opportunity to delve into a new realm of media; heavy metal music videos.

    The Loaded Crew warms up for band practice

    The Loaded Crew warms up for band practice

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  • Posted in on November 24, 2015 by Lotfi Lamaali.

    Docksession's Big Ramble (LA GROSSE RANDO')

    On Sunday, September 27th over 1000 stoked riders invaded the streets of Paris, which were closed to traffic during the car-free day.

    In the program that day: a giant ramble through Paris streets, a giant picnic at Invalides gardens then some funny challenges such a costume parade, an uphill longboard race and a slide jam.

    9:30am : I arrived at the gathering spot "Place de la République" along with the crew. A dozen riders were already there ready to go.

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  • Posted in on January 22, 2015 by Arian Chamasmany.

    The King Of Kona Experience

    Amidst the ever abundant kaleidoscope-like assortment of larger annual skateboarding related events that you could potentially attend in a calendar year, one soiree in particular has, in just three years time, established quite the raucous name for itself amongst our humble shred-o-sphere. The event I’m on about specifically is the absolutely face melting 72-hour, non-stop skateboarding bash known world wide as the King Of Kona. The brainchild of a one Cameron Frazier and situated in the Southern most state of Florida, the event itself is held at the long fabled Kona skatepark, the oldest still operational skatepark in the United States (est. 1977). From pools and ramps, to snake runs and half pipes, the Kona skatepark compound incorporates a joyous plethora of new and vintage style skate features that caters to a myriad of different styles and skill levels. Alas, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because the park is just shy of 40 years old, it has the same kind of matured mentality behind it. The King Of Kona jamboree or “KOK” as it is most commonly referred to, is without a doubt the single most outrageous skate event I’ve ever attended.

    "Good morning campers."


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  • Posted in on August 6, 2014 by Kyle Chin.

    Orangatang Wheels | For Your Health

    Doing some research on longboard wheels? Let the Orangatang team of shred scientists walk you through everything you need to know to choose your next urethane quartet!

  • Posted in on January 17, 2014 by Laurent Perigault.

    The Moab Experience (Les Frenchies)

    C'est notre deuxième voyages apres berlin avec loaded, cette fois l'équipage a bord est composé: Darren, Brian, Ethan, Mauritz, Max, Alberto, Alex et moi...

    Nous sommes tous super motivé a l'idée de partir dans l'Utah...


    It was our second trip with Loaded after Berlin. This time, we had on board: Darren, Brian, Ethan, Mauritz, Max, Alberto, Alex and myself...

    We were all really stoked to go to Utah...

    photo 1

    photo 2

    Nous sommes parti direction l'Utah pour 5  jours de délire et de ride dans le dessert...

    Apres toute une journée de route nous sommes arrivé a Moab, nous avons planté les tantes et préparer notre campement provisoir pour la nuit.  Les  nuits ont étaient tellement froide que Mauritz et Alberto se sont préparé une solution pour pourvoir faire  chauffer la terre en dessous de leur campement...

    On a passé toute nos soirées ensemble assis autour du feu en parlant et en s'amusant ;)


    We went to Utah for 5 days of mad fun and ride in the desert…

    After a whole day of  travel, we arrived in Moab where we planted our tents and prepared a makeshift camp for the night. The nights were so damn cold that Mauritz and Alberto invented a solution for warming up the ground underneath their camp…

    We spent all evenings together sitting around the fire, talking and having fun ;)

    photo 1 copie 2

    photo 4 copie 3

    Le premier jour de tournage fut difficile pour tout le monde.


    The first day of shooting was hard for everybody.


    Car nous avons du nous adapté a ces gros rochers.


    Cause we had to get along with the surface of those big rocks.


    Pendant ces 5 jours  le soleil a était avec nous sans une goute de pluie...


    We had 5 days of sun in a row, without a single drop of rain…

    photo 2 copie

    Max avait un problème avec sa cheville mais il a bien gérè cette situation pour les jours suivants.


    Max had a problem with his ankle, but he managed to cope well with this situation during the next days.

    photo 2 copie 2

    Chaque jour on a fait beaucoup km pour trouver des endroits exploitables. De temps en temps on a pensé  qu'il y a rien a skater mais après deux essais tout ce qui était impossible est devenu un Disneyland pour le groupe :)


    We travelled many kilometers each day in order to find suitable places. Sometimes, we thought there was nowhere to skate, but after few tests, everything that was impossible became a Disneyland for the whole group :)


    Nous avons eu la chance de pouvoir rencontré Rolf Hanson qui a pu nous montrer quelques petits spots a rider !!!


    We were lucky to meet Rolf Hanson who could show us some nice small spots for riding!!!


    Nous nous sommes organisé pour une journée de visité Moab.


    We got organized for one day of visiting Moab.

    DSC_0430 DSC_0423 DSC_0412

    Grimper, marcher, poser !!!! looll


    Climbing, walking, posing !!!! Lool


    On a eu l'occasion de voir en action notre très bon cameraman - Alberto (Perropro) Alepuz - en train de filmer...


    We had a chance to see our great cameraman in action – Alberto (Perropro) Alepuz – filming…

    DSC_0371 DSC_0496

    Et ce n'est pas fini encore! Chaque soir quand on est rentré au camp fatigues et affamés Darren nous a préparé des plats magic a manger ;)


    And it’s not over yet! Each evening, when we got back to the camp all tired and hungry, Darren prepared us truly magic dishes for supper ;)

    photo 4

    Les décors que nous avons rencontré on était a perte de vue ...


    The landscapes we saw were so amazing…

    photo 1 copie 3

    Ce voyage restera gravé dans notre mémoires a jamais...


    This trip will stay in our memory forever…

    photo 2 copie 4

    Merci Loaded pour cette aventure!!!


    Thank you Loaded for this adventure!!!





    Alex et Laurent

  • Posted in on November 4, 2013 by Arian Chamasmany.

    The 2013 Maryhill SheRide

    I had just gotten back from an extended stay in Europe and already I was gearing up for yet another event of epic proportions. The warm anxiousness of an ensuing journey, and yet another opportunity to tell the tale. I had only been home for a week before I was on my way back to the airport and boarding yet another plane bound for Portland. Adam Stokowski was to be my partner in crime on this specific excursion, a long anticipated trip to the world famous Maryhill Loops Road to document and skate with some of the finest lady skaters the sport had to offer. It was to be my second year in attendance at the annual SheRide, and my second visit to that infamous road. So with a hurried car ride from the Loaded office to the airport, and an excruciating shuffle through airport security, we were on the plane, bound for PDX.

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  • Posted in on October 7, 2013 by Laurent Perigault.

    Wallonhill X Blutcher 2013


    Wallonhill X Blutcher


    For several years I’ve been participating in Freeride organized by the Belgians (blutcher).

    There are more and more people freeriding, and a there’s very friendly atmosphere between all participants ...This year, we participated in the two parts of Wallonhill (Houyet and Luxembourg) and it was very well organized.It lasted three days and we slept in a camping nearby the downhill's spot. Each day there was food prepared for us and two or three buses which took us to the begging of the race. Continue reading

  • Posted in on August 30, 2013 by Gerardo Moreno.

    Get Them Stoked is moving!

    Words By Gerardo Moreno
    Photo by Claudio Uribe

    Get Them Stoked Project just started, and the 4 of us (Fernando Bailleres, Fabián Gutiérrez, Claudio Uribe and me Gerardo Moreno) started moving from Guadalajara city, to visit 2 of the best spots on the state.
    Los 4 en San José

    (From left to right: Fabián Gutierrez, Fer Bailleres, Gerardo Moreno, Claudio Uribe)

    First day early in the morning, we head to Ciudad Guzmán, this is quite a new community with few people skating but highly motivated and most add on top of this they have a gnarly road.

    By midday we were already there, and we had the chance to skate for couple hours, followed by a small foot brake and pre drift clinic, basic stuff for people who's starting with the final purpose of making easier for them to skate safe and enjoy of this great road.

    Unfortunately started to rain about 5 pm and we didn't had the chance to document and film the spot as deserves it, so we may have to come back.

    Sesión en guzmán

    (Ciudadd Guzmán Community)

    Next day we went with some of the locals from Guadalajara, Orangatang Ambassador Daniel Caro, Jaime Ortiz and Kevin, all from Skate Troll Media, to one of my favourite spots “Los Gatos” this is a place that has 4 different tracks, for every style of riding, with different pavements, weather was perfect and we were able to film and take some photos this day.

    Punk y Gerado Mitlán

    Me and Fabián sliding into the flash light

    Fer gettn Switch

    Fer getting Switch into a righty

    Right after Guadalajara we pack our baggage again and we drove to the city of León, Gto. The skate community here is quite big and middle size for longboarding. Right after we arrive locals took us to one of their spots called “Comalong” perfect pavement and very few cars on the road, rain came again and we skate this time with dry/wet patches we couldn't skate it as fast as we wanted, reason why we'll be back.

    Next morning we head to Mexico City, where we had a short stop, we had an interview with the biggest newspapper “Reforma”. We also had a chance to skate with 3 of the locals from Mexico city, José Luis Romero, Daniel Favela y Roberto Pimentel.
    Wood hop

    This spot is right on the middle of the woods no cars are allowed on this lane

    After the interview and skating we drove to Fabián's house to get some rest and get our stuff ready to drive more than 800 km on the next day to San José del Pacífico, Oaxaca, is one of the highest places in Oaxaca with beautiful scenarios, lots of mountains and gnarly roads. We expend there only one night due that this was on our way to our real destiny, Huatulco Oaxaca, for the race Maguey Downhill.

    Fer en San JoséFer Taking a run down San José del pacífico Road about 200 km and about 120 of them skateable

    Vía Láctea

    The Milky way viewed from San José del Pacífico

    Huatulco is a small city that has one of the best beaches in Meixo, lots of spots, really nice pavement, and a small community with about 40 people skating that made Maguey Downhill Race possible.

    Race day started about 10 am, organizers gave us a delicious brakefast, the race heats flowed really nicely, and at the end of the race 3 of us made it into the finals, due that Fabián eliminated Claudio.



    Fabián got 3th, Fer second and Gerardo (me)1st

    Once the race finished our host Edén Sanchez, took us to skate, we had a chance to skate an amazing ditch and we also skate the local spots with some of the locals, and riders from other cities that came to the race, we expend the whole afternoon with them, and during the night we got ready to leave again. This time to Oaxaca city.

    Local spot in Huatulco called "La Negra"






















    Ditch night session

    Once we arrived in Oaxaca , we found only 2 people skating, Paco Camarena from Huatulco and Christina from Germany who was there only for vacations staying at the same Hostel that we were. Paco took us to skate to Montealban ruins road, fast road with excelent pavement very few cars, and couple corners to slide and grip, and you get to see the whole city while skating down the road.

    The 4 of us with Christina from Germany

    After lots of driving and skating we head back to Mexico city but we will tell you more about the trip on the next blog entry, meanwhile I leave you with our first teaser, if you like what we do we invite you to follow us on the social network, so you can know more about Mexico Lonboard/Skateboard scene.

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/getthemstoked2013

    Twitter: @getthemstoked
    Instagram: @getthemstoked
    Tumblr: getthemstoked.tumblr.com


    Versión en Español

    El proyecto Get Them Stoked recién comenzó y arrancamos de la ciudad de Guadalajara, Los 4 (Fernando Bailleres, Fabián Gutiérrez, Claudio Uribe y yo Gerardo Moreno) salimos de la Ciudad de Guadalajara y visitamos dos de los mejores spots ,Ciudad Guzmán y Gatos.

    El primer día salimos temprano a visitar a la comunidad de Ciudad Guzmán, es una comunidad pequeña pero muy entusiasmada en patinar y lograr que más gente comience a patinar en la ciudad.

    Llegamos al spot cerca de la 1, tuvimos oportunidad de patinar con ellos por un par de horas y más adelante realizamos un actividad con la gente que empieza a patinar, dando tips básicos como hacer de foot brake y pre drift.

    Desafortunadamente la lluvia llegó a las 5 pm y no tuvimos oportunidad de documentar el spot como se lo merece, por ello tendremos que volver a este spot en un par de semanas.

    Al día  siguiente fuimos con algunos de los locales de Guadalajara entre ellos Daniel Caro, embajador de Orangatang, Jaime Ortiz y Kevin de Skate Troll Media, A uno de los mejores spots de Mexico "Los Gatos", en el spot existe una gran diversidad de rutas para patinar  tuvimos un dia perfecto para patinar poco sol y muchas horas para patinar y grabar material.

    Después de nuestra visita por la ciudad de Guadalajara empacamos maletas nuevamente y nos dirigimos hacia la Ciudad de León, Gto, donde hay una comunidad muy grande de skate y mediana de Longboard. Recién llegamos y los locales nos llevaron a uno de sus spots mas divertidos "Comalong". Nuevamente tuvimos un poco de lluvia y el spot lo patinamos con parches mojados sin embargo León también lo volveremos a visitar al regreso a Guadalajara.

    Temprano por la mañana siguiente nos dirigimos rumbo a la Ciudad de México donde realizamos una parada breve ya que teníamos una cita para una entrevista con el periódico reforma, uno de los diarios de mayor importancia y con mayor número de publicaciones diarios en el país.

    Tuvimos la oportunidad de fotografiar y tomar un poco de video con algunos de los locales de la ciudad de México, entre ellos José Luis Romero, Daniel Favela y Roberto Pimentel.

    Terminada la sesión pasamos a casa de Fabián a descansar un poco y prepararnos para manejar más de 800km al día siguiente con rumbo a San José del pacífico, Oaxaca, este es uno de los lugares más elevados en el estado con una vista increíble a través de montañas y cascadas de nubes. Pasamos solo esa noche ahí ya que en realidad esta era solo una escala a nuestro siguiente destino, Huatulco, Oaxaca. Para la carrera de Maguey Downhill Race.

    La ciudad de Huatulco, es una de las mejores playas de México con una gran cantidad de spots y pavimento perfecto para patinar, en la ciudad hay una comunidad pequeña, con al rededor de 40 personas patinando los cuales se juntaron a hacer la carrera.

    El día de la carrera logramos colarnos a la final 3 de nosotros ya que Claudio quedó eliminado en una de las rondas pasadas por Fabián, quedando el podio de la siguiente manera.

    3er Lugar Fabian
    2do Lugar Fer Bailleres
    1er Lugar Gerardo Moreno (yo)

    Una vez terminada la carrera nuestro anfitrión Edén Sanchez, quién nos recibió en su casa nos llevó a patinar los spots locales, el cual patinamos junto con algunos de los riders que asistieron a la carrera. Pasamos la tarde con ellos y nos preparamos para ir al día siguiente a la Ciudad de Oaxaca.

    Una vez en La ciudad de Oaxaca, encontramos solo a dos personas que patinaban, Paco Camarena de la Ciudad de Huatulco y Christina de Alemania que estaba de vacaciones paseando por México. Paco nos llevó quizá a una de las carretera más rápidas justo abajo de uno de los lugares más turisticos, Las Ruinas de Montealban, una pista con curvas, excelente piso y bastante rápida, en la cual se puede ver la ciudad mientras vas patinando.

    Después de recorrer la Ciudad de Oaxaca nos dirigimos de regreso a la Ciudad de México pero les contaremos más sobre esto en la siguiente entrada de blog, mientras tanto les dejo con un pequeño adelanto el Primer Teaser de nuestro proyecto.

    Los invitamos a seguirnos en las redes sociales para que puedan darle continuidad a los spots que hemos patinado y que conozcan las comunidades y la escena del Longboard y skate en México

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/getthemstoked2013
    Twitter: @getthemstoked
    Instagram: @getthemstoked
    Tumblr: getthemstoked.tumblr.com



  • Posted in on May 21, 2013 by Miguel Azanza.

    5 DE MAYOW DOWNHILL RACE / By Treee Longboarding (SPANISH & ENGLISH)


    Daniel Caro and Oscar Gutierrez in the groms final. Daniel Caro and Oscar Gutierrez in the groms final.

     As you may know, “Cinco de Mayo” (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a celebration held annually in Mexico on May 5.  Also known as: El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (English: The Day of the Battle of Puebla).

    This date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. In the state of Puebla, the date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day—the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico—which is celebrated on September 16.

    Well now you  know what “Cinco de Mayo” is, so this year instead of a party we decided to do something better and that was the “5 de Mayow Downhill Race”.

    The whole idea came together when Jorge Vigon and Fer Vega came across an amazing spot for longboarding near Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in a little town called San Gabriel.

    As soon as we discovered this spot we just knew that we had to do a competition there. After organizing everything, including  asking for permission and talking with the town’s goverment, everything fell into place. The town’s (San Gabriel, Jalisco) goverment  provided us with a lot of support, including police officers to control the traffic, ambulances on-site as a precaution, and local highschool students also volunteered to help out with the event.

    When the day finally arrived, we had a track of 3.2km, with 23 turns and a top speed of 75km/h (no need to break the tuck in any of the turns) and 103 competitors already signed up for the event.

    Gerardo Moreno and I (Miguel Azanza) left to San Gabriel in the morning of the 3rd of may, and as soon as we arrived the people of the town were ready to take us up to the track to perform the inspection and set up all the hay bales.

    Meanwhile,  Jesus Gonzalez (http://treee.mx) and Fer Vega were setting up all the competitors with their individual numbers and wrist bands so that they could do the practice runs.

    When we finished the inspection of the track, it was time to have fun and get the practice runs started.

    A great day ended with everyone in good spirits, we all relaxed and had some tacos in the town and then got to bed early to prepare for the big day ahead.

    It was an early start on the 4th of May, and we had to wake up all of the competitors that were camping to get things going because the brackets were starting at 12.00, and there was a lot to be done. After the brackets, we all stopped for a short lunch break to relax and prepare for the heats that were starting at 3.00.

    The event had four categories, these were: groms, women, masters and open, so there was a lot of work to do.

    At the end of the day we almost reached the quarter-finals of the open category and semi-finals in the others. It was a pretty long day, and we all headed back to the camp ground where a big feast was waiting for us. Treee Longboarding sponsored a meal which was a tasty pig made into tacos. The food was Amazing and everyone enjoyed it, especially alter such a long day.

    Everyone was tired, but there was still a little party going on and Surfo Sonso was playing. The reggae music was pretty chilled and there was a good atmosphere, but it wasn’t a late night because the competitors had to be fresh for the finals the next day.



    Another early start for everyone, and the people from Monster Energy arrived early to help us out with setting up. Everybody was excited and looking forward to the day ahead. The finals kicked off at 10.00.

    First we had the Masters final, then the Groms, followed by the Womens, and last but not least the Open. All the races were very close, it was all about concentration and technique. With a few falls, but nothing too major, an amazing day came to an end. At 3.00 it was time to present the winners and their prizes on the podium.



    1 Gerardo Moreno (http://www.loadedboards.com)

    2 Fernando Bailleres (Rayne Ambassador)

    3 Oscar Gutiérrez




    1 Oscar Gutiérrez

    2 Daniel Caro ( Orangatang ambassador)

    3 Luis Ortiz

    groms / PODIUM


    1 Valeria Figueroa

    2 Ale Villalobos

    3 Flor G



    1 Alain Carvajal

    2 David Dacar

    3 El Venado

    masters / PODIUM

    thanks to Rayne, loaded, Orangatang, Ruts, Treee, G Form, Bern, Monster, San Gabriel, Ojoom, Cual Crisis and Beyond Pro Shop.


    BUT MAINLY to loaded, Otang, Treee, Monster Energy Drink, Veronica Rodriguez Martinez and Juan Jose Gutierrez (http://www.sangabrieljalisco.com)

    for helping us to make this Amazing event come to life.




    Jesus Gonzales (http://treee.mx)

    Fernando Vega

    Miguel Azanza

    Gerardo Moreno



    Write-up By Miguel Azanza with the help of Briony Saunders



    BY  https://www.facebook.com/MiguelAzanzaProductions

    AND Loaded Ambassadors.









    Como ustedes saben, "Cinco de Mayo" es una celebración que se realiza anualmente en México conocido como “El Día de la Batalla de Puebla.

    Bueno, ahora ya sabes lo qué "Cinco de Mayo" es y este año en lugar de una fiesta decidimos hacer algo mejor y que fue el "5 de Mayow Downhill Race".

    Todo empezó cuando Jorge Vigón y Fer Vega se encontraron con un lugar increíble para el longboard cerca de Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, en un pequeño pueblo llamado San Gabriel.

    Después de haber patinado en este lugar sabíamos que teníamos que hacer un concurso allí. Después de organizar todo, pedir permisos y hablar con el gobierno de San Gabriel, todo cayó en su lugar.

    El ayuntamiento de San Gabriel Jalisco nos proporcionó un gran apoyo, tales como de policía para controlar el tráfico, las ambulancias en el lugar como medida de precaución y estudiantes locales como voluntarios para las curvas.

    Cuando finalmente llegó el día, tuvimos una pista de 3.2 kilómetros, con 23 curvas y una velocidad máxima de 75 km/h (sin necesidad de romper el tuck) y con 103 competidores ya inscritos.

    Gerardo Moreno y yo (Miguel Azanza) Salimos hacia San Gabriel en la mañana del 03 de mayo y tan pronto como llegamos a San Gabriel ya había personas del ayuntamiento dispuestos a llevarnos a la pista para realizar la inspección y establecer las pacas en todas las curvas.

    Mientras tanto, Jesús González (http://treee.mx) y Fer Vega estaban preparando a todos los competidores con sus números y pulseras para que pudieran hacer las sesiones de práctica.

    Al terminar la inspección de la pista, ya era hora de divertirse en las rondas de practica.

    Un gran día terminó y todos cansados fuimos a cenar unos taquitos al pueblo  y después  a dormir temprano para preparase para el día siguiente.

    Empezamos temprano el 4 de mayo y tuvimos que despertar a todos los competidores que estaban acampando para que se prepararan  para los brackets a las 12:00 pues había mucho que hacer. Después de los brackets, todos nos detuvimos para un breve descanso de almuerzo para descansar y prepararse para las eliminatorias que se iniciaban a las 3.00pm.

    El evento contó con cuatro categorías: Groms, mujeres, masters y open.

    Al final del día, casi llegamos a los cuartos de final de la categoría Open y las semifinales en los otros. Fue un día bastante largo y todos nos dirigimos a la zona de camping, donde  Treee Longboarding patrocinó una comida deliciosa “Puerco” hecho en tacos. La comida estuvo increíble y todos la disfrutamos mucho.

    Todos estábamos cansados, pero todavía había una pequeña fiesta. Surfo Sonso se puso a tocar su música reggae y se armo muy buen ambiente, pero no fue una noche larga  ya que los competidores tenían que estar frescos para la final al día siguiente.


    Otro comienzo temprano el 5 de mayo para todos. Las personas  de Monster Energy llegaron temprano a ayudarnos con todo. Todos estaban muy emocionados  las finales comenzaron a las 10.00.

    Primero tuvimos la Final de Masters, después Groms seguida de las mujeres y por último la de la categoría OPEN. Todos los heats estuvieron muy parejos, todo dependía de la concentración y la técnica. Con algunas caídas, pero nada demasiado grave termino un día increíble. A las 3:00pm llegó el momento de presentar a los ganadores y sus premios en el podio.



    1 Gerardo Moreno (http://www.loadedboards.com)

    2 Fernando Bailleres

    3 Oscar Gutiérrez




    1 Oscar Gutiérrez

    2 Daniel Caro (Orangatang embajador)

    3 Luis Ortiz

    groms / PODIUM


    1 Valeria Figueroa

    2 Villalobos Ale

    3 Flor T



    1 Alain Carvajal

    2 David Dacar

    3 El Venado

    masters / PODIUM

    Gracias a Rayne, Ruts, Orangatang, Loaded, Treee, G Form, Bern, Monster, San Gabriel, Ojoom, Cual Crisis y Beyond Pro Shop.


    Pero sobre todo a Loaded, Otang, http://treee.mx, Monster Energy Drink, Veronica Rodriguez Martinez y Juan Jose Gutierrez (http://www.sangabrieljalisco.com), por ayudarnos a hacer realidad este increíble evento.



    Jesús Gonzáles(http://treee.mx)

    Fernando Vega

    Miguel Azanza

    Gerardo Moreno


    Gracias por leer, Espero que lo hayan disfrutado.

    Escrito por parte de Miguel Azanza con la ayuda de Briony  Saunders



    Por parte de https://www.facebook.com/MiguelAzanzaProductions

    Y por parte de Loaded Ambassadors.






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